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Rule One Proteins was founded in 2014 under the parent company Nutrivo, LLC – the brain trust of Tony Costello Sr. and his son,Tony Costello Jr. Tony Sr is one of the two founders of what is now known as Optimum Nutrition; yes I typed that right, the same company that used to have the best protein on the market. ) Brothers Mike and Tony Costello (Sr.), sold Optimum Nutrition to Glanbia Nutritionals in 2008 for $315 million. They both had intentions of walking away from the sports nutrition supplements industry entirely, but when Tony Sr had the opportunity to start Rule One, and create Rule 1 protein powder; it was something he couldn't pass up. So in creating the number one fitness supplement brand over 22 years, if they were starting over certainly they thought they could create a better version of protein then Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.




Everyone wants better for less. R1 WHEY BLEND delivers. Our multi-whey formula delivers max bang for buck with 24g of protein per serving. Plus, because it's low in lactose, it's as easy on your digestive system as it is your dollar!


• 80%*+ protein per scoop - NO spiking

• 24g protein/serving - 100% Pure Whey Blend

• Naturally rich in BCAAs + Glutamine

• Anytime protein - excellent for all types of athletes and training

*as dry basis


♦ 100% WHEY PROTEIN ♦ 100% VALUE ♦ 0% SPIKING ♦

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